Race Together

We say “regardless of race, language, or religion”. But are we all truly treated “regardless of” race? Scouting is a global movement that aims to build a diverse and inclusive environment for all, so how can we as Scouts work together to bring this conversation forward? Learn more about racial identity and prejudices in this challenge.

You are what you eat

Expand your knowledge on the various foods that you consume daily and how it can provide several benefits in helping you keep a healthy diet!

Lightroom, Canva, Photoshop!

Choose and pick your favourite pictures/memories of places you have been to or visited. Beautify them and update your feed on your social media pages!


Fellowships often provide you with the resources, support and professional networks and help in your daily life. Build new bridges in this challenge!

How are we doing?

Scouting at Home started in 2020 within weeks of the circuit breaker being announced; this year we’ve launched the second run of Scouting at Home. Let us know how we are doing and influence how future Scouting at Home would run!

Regardless of

Diversity involves valuing and having regard for everyone and using those differences to create cohesive and diverse local, national and global communities. Put the “I” in diversity in this challenge!


The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow! Invest some time into your fitness, grow a habit of exercising, and become the best that you have ever been.

Spreadsheets Run the World

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are great tools to help you keep track of your life. It only takes 1 day to gain a lifetime’s worth of self-management. Get started today!

Pandemic Impact

Change is part and parcel of everyone’s lives, tell us about some interesting changes that have impacted or shaped your lives!

Life in plastics… It’s not fantastic

We have an obsession with plastics for the seconds of convenience they provide, they take thousands of years to break down. Learn more about plastic pollution and how you can turn the tides on plastic this challenge!