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Sports comes from many backgrounds and so do their athletes. Learn more about the Paralympics and the people behind the sports!
Estimated Time Required
2 hours
Days Left
7 Days
Challenge Peroid
07 Jun 21 - 21 Jun 21
You Will Need
  • Computer with internet access
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

Use the following resources to earn more about the Paralympics:

You may also use other online resources to learn about the Paralympics such as YouTube.

For this challenge, you will need to understand and learn the rules of the following: 1 Paralympic sport 1 Olympic sport

Complete as many of the following as possible

Know and explain the rules of 1 Paralympic sport and 1 Olympic sport

+ 10 Points

Create a video presentation explaining the rules of 1 Paralympic sport and 1 Olympic sport

+ 20 Points

Compare and contrast the rules of a Paralympic sport and an Olympic sport

(e.g. Olympic basketball vs Paralympic basketball) 

+ 10 Points

Submit a reflection based off the given reflection questions.

+ 20 Points

Scouting Together, Apart

Bonus: Present what you have found to your patrol

+ 10 Points
Reflection Questions

1) What is the significance of the Paralympics?

2) Share about a Paralympian and their journey towards becoming a para-athlete.

3.) Other than the Paralympics, what are some other platforms of empowerment for people with disabilities?

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You Will Be Assessed By
  • Explanation and clarity of rules
  • Visual aids
  • Quality of video (if applicable)
This challenge counts towards [?]

1) Have good knowledge of the rules or laws of 2 outdoor games
2) Know the names and performances of 2 international, national or local sportsmen. Be able to discuss these personalities with the examiner that you have made a study, or carried out some research concerning the sportsman of your choice.

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation