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As we all know, low crime does not mean no crime. Explore the measures we can take to prevent crime in Singapore.
Estimated Time Required
2 hours
Days Left
Challenge Peroid
07 Jun 21 - 21 Jun 21
You Will Need
  • Computer with internet access
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

Use the following resources to learn more about Crime Prevention

Screenshot your results for the online assessment and submit it along with your reflection.

Learn about the importance of crime prevention in our local context.

Describe the functions of the following

1) Functions of the Singapore Police Force

2) Functions of the National Crime Prevention Council

+ 20 Points

List out and explain 6 types of crimes and how to prevent them

+ 20 Points

Complete the online crime prevention assessment at be sure to screenshot your results!

+ 20 Points

Submission of reflection

+ 20 Points
Reflection Questions

1) What do you think is the purpose of the Crime Prevention Badge as part of the Scouting program?

2) Do you think that Crime Prevention is the most effective to reduce crime in Singapore or are there other interventions that can be done?

You Will Be Assessed By
  • Description and detail of research
  • Score from the online quiz
This challenge counts towards [?]
Crime Prevention

1) Theory Lesson: 6 types of crimes
2) About the National Crime Prevention Council
3) About the Singapore Police Force
4) Online Assessment

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