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Regardless of
Diversity involves valuing and having regard for everyone and using those differences to create cohesive and diverse local, national and global communities. Put the "I" in diversity in this challenge!
Rovers, Scouts, Ventures
Estimated Time Required
1 hour
Days Left
Challenge Peroid
14 Jun 21 - 27 Jun 21
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

Diversity is part of the world we live in. Think of how each individual event or roles you hold makes you view the world in your own unique way. In this challenge, you would go through an introduction to the concept of Diversity and learn some key terms and mental frameworks in order to be a more diverse and inclusive person!


This activity is designed and developed in consultation with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, faiths, and affiliations.

We endeavour to present this activity in a neutral and balanced manner.


Download and complete the “Regardless of” worksheet available under “attachments”.

Alternatively, you may access the Google Slides version here (this will create a new copy of the document on your personal drive)

It is strongly recommended to submit your file as a PDF (File -> Export -> PDF)

+ 50 Points

Reflect on what you have just gone through and the importance of diversity. You may wish to use the reflection questions to guide your thinking or the pages with the “cloud” icon.

+ 20 Points


Reflection Questions

1) Why is diversity important in Scouting?

2) How can you as an individual build a more diverse and inclusive society?

3) In Scouting, how can you create a safe space?

You Will Be Assessed By
  • Completion of worksheet
  • Submission of reflection
This challenge counts towards [?]
Voyager Award

1a. Investigate ONE pressing issue that Singapore OR the World faces.
1b. Do a presentation to your Troop on the findings of your research. Suggest how Scouting can help to resolve / alleviate the issue.

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation
Messengers of Peace

Explore and Research about local problems, people in action, and good practices.

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation
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