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We may be lost in our thoughts or lost in class but we will never be lost with a GPS!
Estimated Time Required
2 hours
Days Left
Challenge Peroid
21 Jun 21 - 04 Jul 21
You Will Need
  • Computer with internet access
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

Here are some resources you may use as reference:

Explain and study, the creation of the global positioning system and explain how relevant it is in the present as compared to the past.

Explain the creation of the GPS and its relevance in the present day.

+ 10 Points

List Down the main satellites that are in use in the GPS.

+ 10 Points

Able to present at least 3 GPS coordinates of major landmarks in Singapore

+ 20 Points

Complete the online quiz (

+ 10 Points
Reflection Questions

1) With the creation and the easy accessibility of the GPS do you think that sometimes you or your friends around take it for granted?

2) Through this challenge do you have a better understanding of your surrounding neighbourhood?

3)Do you think currently is there a need for the usage of the map and should it be abolished since there is a heavy reliance on the usage of the GPS? Why or why not?

You Will Be Assessed By
  • Content of report
  • Depth of research
  • Submission of reflection
This challenge counts towards [?]
Trekker Award

Adventure and Outdoor 2a. (GPS Exploration)

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation
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