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Life in plastics... It's not fantastic
We have an obsession with plastics for the seconds of convenience they provide, they take thousands of years to break down. Learn more about plastic pollution and how you can turn the tides on plastic this challenge!
Rovers, Scouts, Ventures
Estimated Time Required
2 hours
Days Left
7 Days
Challenge Peroid
07 Jun 21 - 21 Jun 21
You Will Need
  • Computer with internet access
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

The Plastic Tide Turners is part of the Earth Tribe – a global call to action for youths to become environment champions. In this challenge, you would learn more about your own plastic habits and more about how Scouts can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Complete as many of the following as possible:

Required: Fill up the “Plastic Audit Sheet”. Please keep this sheet in a safe place as you would need it at the end of your Plastic Tide Turners journey.

Please edit the PDF in Google Chrome and save it (ctrl/cmd + s)

+ 20 Points

Create a poster or infographic on one of the following topics

  • Plastic pollution in our waterways
  • Plastic pollution and the effects on marine life
  • How to avoid plastics in daily activity


You may wish to use the following resources:


Additional Resources

+ 50 Points

Play the game “Dumb Ways to Kill the Ocean“. Screenshot the end completion screen, and upload it.

+ 20 Points

Scouting Together, Apart

Bonus: Share what you have learnt (and the poster) with your patrol mates to educate them more about plastic pollution

+ 20 Points


If you would like to learn more about Plastic Tide Turners, click here

Reflection Questions

1) Why is plastic pollution an issue?

2) How has plastic played a role in your life? Is there any way you can reduce this?

3) Thinking back to the Sustainable Development Goals, what SDGs did you work towards in this challenge?

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You Will Be Assessed By
  • Submission of Plastic Audit Sheet
  • Creativity and detail of poster
  • Dumb ways to kill the ocean participation
This challenge counts towards [?]
Earth Tribe

Complete any of the Earth Tribe Challenges

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation
Plastic Tide Turners

Be aware of the world around you and key environmental concerns.

This challenge only constitutes partial completion of the badge. Please check with your leaders for more infomation