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First impressions last (pun intended). Put yourself out there with a strong portfolio to showcase your experience, skills, qualifications, beliefs, and values.
Estimated Time Required
1 hour
Days Left
Challenge Peroid
07 Jun 21 - 21 Jun 21
You Will Need
  • Linkedin Profile
Before You Begin...
Please make sure you follow all prevailing safe management measures. These challenges are designed so that they could be completed with no physical contact with others.

Use the Linkedin platform to create a professional profile for yourself. If you already have an existing Linkedin profile, you may choose to refine your existing profile.

Linkedin can be accessed at:

You may use the following to help kickstart your LinkedIn profile:

Profile picture, past experiences, current industry and current position.

+ 10 Points

Provide 5 additional skills that you possess.

+ 5 Points

Provide a short summary of yourself.

+ 10 Points
Reflection Questions

Refer to for the Rover Journey

You Will Be Assessed By
  • Detail of profile
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Rover Journey

Rover Journey RS1203 – Employability Upgrade

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